I am a broadly trained human geographer with research and teaching interests across urban, economic, and feminist geographies. My research and teaching programme engages with everyday economic geographies of (1) financialization and indebtedness, (2) urban housing justice, home, and social reproduction, (3) educational mobilities, migrant workers and labour precarity.

I take an ethnographic approach to geographical research that draws on multiple qualitative and quantitative methods, centring on people and their experiences of social and economic life in cities. 

I have received my PhD degree in Geography in June 2022. My dissertation is titled In Debt to the State: Lived Experiences of Indebtedness in State-led Housing Projects in Istanbul

  I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen's University, in Geography and Planning, running a research project on International Student Indebtedness. I also hold an Adjunct Assistant Professor position in Geography at the University of Waterloo, leading the Making a Home research project.