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Journal Articles


2021 Worth, N., & Karaagac, E.A. Accounting for absences and ambiguities in the freelancing

labour relation. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. tesg.12491.


2020 Karaagac, E.A. The financialization of everyday life: Caring for debts. Geography

Compass, 14(11), e12541. 10.1111/gec3.12541

2020 Worth, N. and Karaagac, E.A. The temporalities of free knowledge work: Making time

for media engagement. Time & Society. 10.1177/0961463X20938593

In Progress

UR. Karaagac, E.A. Caring for Debt: Women’s Work in Istanbul’s Mass Housing Estates. In

Linda Peake, Elsa Koleth, Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin, and Nasya Razavi (eds) special

issue: Feminist Explorations of Urban Futures. Urban Geography. (revisions submitted)

Submitted Karaagac, E.A. Making His Home: A feminist political economy approach to state's state’s social housing policy and practice in Turkey. Geoforum

Winter 2023 Worth, N. and Karaagac, E.A. Working from home/living at work: Freelancers’

changing relationship to home as workspace.

Winter 2023 Karaagac, E.A. An urban ethnography of state capitalism in Istanbul's housing debtscapes.


2022 Karaagac, E.A. In Debt to the State: Lived Experiences of Indebtedness in State-led

Housing Projects in Istanbul (doctoral dissertation). University of Waterloo,

Waterloo, Canada. http://hdl.handle.net/10012/18392

Book Chapters

2022 Karaagac, E.A. Everyday Negotiations of Finance and Debts in State-led

Mass Housing Estates for Low-income Households in Istanbul. In Burcu Özdemir

Sarı, Esma Aksoy Khurami, and Nil Uzun (eds) Housing in Turkey: Policy, Planning,

Practice. Routledge Pub. ISBN 9781032003269

2015 Karaagac, E.A. The Workers' Housing Development as Social Housing: the case of 100.

Yıl Worker's Housing Cooperative. In the Turkish Association of City Planners (eds).

Housing Book. TACP Publication, Ankara, pp. 101-134. ISBN:978-605-01-0773-9

2013 Karaagac, E.A. Understanding Urban Transformation as a Socio-Spatial Process. In

Spatial Change, Transformation (Book of 36. World's Urbanism Day). Ankara, pp.57-72.

ISBN: 978-605-01-0524-7

2011 Caglar, D.O. and Karaagac, E.A. Participatory Planning Experience in Ankara Regional

Plan. In Urban and Regional Research Center (eds). Yesterday, Today and Future in

Planning, MATSA: Ankara pp.181-192.

2010 Cortese, T., Roux, J., Finegan, J., and Karaagac, E.A. Urban Co-Production. In Olympic

Fringe. London School of Economics, Cities Programme Pub., London, pp.115-135.

Book Reviews

2019 Karaagac, E.A. 25th Anniversary Retrospective: Feminism and Geography: The Limits

of Geographical Knowledge. Gender, Place & Culture 26(3), 443-446.


2018 Karaagac, E.A. Book Review: States of Discipline: Authoritarian Neoliberalism and the

Contested Reproduction of Capitalist Order. Cultural Geographies, 26(1), 156–157.


Professional Publications

2020 Worth, N. & Karaagac, E.A. Working from home—new work arrangements (for some) in the context of COVID-19. White Paper for the Region of Waterloo, August 2020.

2018 Worth, N., Karaagac, E.A., Graydon, S., & Luchuk, S. Counting ourselves in:

Understanding why women decide to engage with the media . Research Report No. 1;

p. 17. Informed Opinions.

2012 Karaagac, E.A. et al. Ankara Development Agency’s Strategic Plan 2012-2016, Ankara

Development Agency (ADA)

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Evaluation and Policy Proposal Report for the Development Agencies in Turkey, T.R.

Ministry of Development Publication.

2012 Kuzu, I., Guder, G.,Torun, N., Şavlı, T., Karaagac, E.A., Sayılganoğlu, M., Çalhan, M. A

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2011 Karaagac, E.A. et al. Ankara Regional Plan 2011-13 & Operational Programs, Ankara

Development Agency.